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Open Opportunities

Seed Mentors is supporting client companies to present themselves as opportunities for investment by funds with whom Seed Mentors has an introducer relationship.

This is a pipeline of prospective portfolio companies originated by Seed Mentors as candidates for investment by a fund organised to invest in qualified SEIS investment opportunities across a range of business sectors. Companies accepted for investment through introduction by Seed Mentors will contract with Seed Mentors for business mentoring support.

A summary for the Seed Mentors SEIS Channel will be available for download here shortly.

‘Take 5’ is a proposed portfolio of companies that have already received SEIS funding.
They are all companies that require further funding to capitalise on clearly defined market opportunities.

The following five companies are likely to be the first among others being readied for further investment consideration, subject to satisfactory completion of due diligence.

  • Music Gateway Ltd
  • V/Auth Ltd
  • SymlConnect Ltd
  • Scicasts Ltd
  • Bare Studio Ltd

You can read our summaries on these companies in the leaflet available here.

Download the 'Take 5' summary HERE


The Boxing Advantage Company has been launched by Seed Mentors in conjunction with Barry McGuigan.

It has been designed to capitalise on the growing interest in boxing, and the success of British fighters that goes with that.

Barry and his team will seek out young emerging talent, and then aim to train and manage these young talents into world-class fighters.

It is intended there will be the opportunity for shareholders in this company to follow and see the boxers supported by the company, both in the gym and the ring. 

Download The Boxing Advantage Company Summary

It is also available from GrowthInvest at, on 020 7071 3945 or at