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About Us

Seed Mentors Entrepreneurs is now one of the leading independent specialists in identifying and mentoring start-up and smaller businesses in the UK.

Since 2012, we have evaluated business propositions from over 1500 companies. From these, the strongest propositions are asked to tender, and the successful businesses are recommended by us for consideration for SEIS or EIS investment by suitably established investment funds.

The companies that we commercially recommend for investment consideration must earn the right to be included in any portfolio. Not only do they have to submit a detailed business plan, they also have to present their business idea to our experienced panel of business experts, and justify their approach. We also conduct our own due diligence and look for a managing director who has a minimum of 5 years’ experience in the relevant industry. Further investment due diligence is conducted by the Fund Manager.

After prospective companies have qualified for funding, part of the funding package, is a Mentoring service when and where it is needed, across Finance, IT, HR, Sales and Marketing, and much more. We believe that this service is so important that we make this service compulsory for each of the companies to maximise their chances of successful growth.

In many instances, the Seed EIS scheme is used, which was introduced by the Government in 2012.

We have successfully provided investment opportunities for 6 SEIS funds, and for an EIS fund to provide follow-on funding to successful companies already funded in an SEIS portfolio.

Our aim is always to be innovative and supportive of the companies that we mentor for the benefit of investors and their advisers.