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Mentoring & Coaching Services

Personalised services for individuals and corporates

Mentoring has been around for a very long time but that’s because it can be so valuable. Our mentoring and coaching support can provide the right guidance and at the key time.

Our mentors are experts in helping all types of people achieve their goals and they help clients from all over the world.

The purpose of mentoring is to develop talent to the best it can be.

Mentoring can include regular meetings to review progress which can be conducted remotely or in person and help achieve the desired outcomes and objectives.

The mentor or coach will be a point of contact who will help you think and plan ahead. They can engage with skilled workers and executives and will seek to establish trust, set clear objectives, and easy communication for feedback. They can help create employee development programmes that will advance careers and contribute to the success of the enterprise. Mentoring can be delivered by one or more coaches and be provided on a daily, monthly or longer period.

The mentoring can be conducted on a virtual basis to fit in with remote working. It can use digital tools that can automate much of the process. That means mentoring can take place anywhere in the world and eliminates the need for travel and fixing meeting venues.

For businesses

Your business probably already contains a wealth of knowledge, know-how and experience that can be harnessed to improve performance. Mentoring can enable employees share insights through greater interaction and help improve communication across the company. This can lift motivation, boost productivity, and further career development.

Greater employee interaction also helps in the sharing of ideas, promotes inclusiveness and lifts output and performance. It improves the organisation’s ability to set goals and better meet customer expectations.

For start-ups

You may have been thinking of starting a business for a while and finally taken that big step. We would be happy to help with advice. You may have questions about strategy and marketing, brand and planning; you can ask our mentors for advice to smoothen out your start-up journey.

For business executives

Mentoring and coaching, of course, isn’t just for start-ups. An operating business may seek mentoring for its executives, both for personal growth and professional development. This may be to manage change, to build resilience in the organisation or improve the effectiveness of its managers. There could be many other reasons. Change has become a feature of the modern economy and organisations need to continuously evolve to meet challenges like supply disruptions, policy changes or dislocations caused by events such as the pandemic. Mentoring can help manage such turbulence.

Coaching and mentoring could also be used to build the effectiveness of teams, to help improve coordination, enhance support for each other and build an effective coordinated strategy for greater impact. It can help identify a team’s strengths and weaknesses and develop a vision.

Organisations may also use this for:

  • Developing leadership
  • Pushing through a change in culture
  • Improving diversity and inclusiveness
  • Enhancing organizational agility

Mentoring and coaching are also hugely effective in enhancing employee engagement. An environment where employees don’t feel attached to their companies often leads to decreased productivity, increased turnover rates and a rise in revenue losses.

And, of course, the most effective form of mentoring and coaching doesn’t involve telling others what to do, but helping them think independently and directing them to their goal.

Below you will see bios of a couple of our expert mentors but we have many others that can be selected to meet your needs.

The mentors will agree an affordable fee plan that will suit your circumstances.

Our coaches

Kate Onakomaiya

Kate Onakomaiya

As a highly accomplished Leadership and Personal Growth Coach, and Training Consultant, Kate brings a wealth of expertise to help individuals and organizations reach new heights.

With a background as a Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer, a Certified DISC Human Behavioural Consultant, and a Certified People Acuity Guide, Kate is adept at navigating challenges like inconsistent growth, team leadership, burnout, time management, communication challenges and personality conflicts.

Kate's coaching philosophy centers around equipping leaders with the tools to recognize, develop, and leverage their own strengths and those of their teams.

Whether it’s driving business growth, unifying your team, or balancing multiple commitments, Kate offers practical, result-oriented strategies through coaching, mentoring, specialized programs, and workshops.

As a seasoned multi-industry coach, Kate has successfully coached and trained leaders across diverse sectors. The results are a testament to the effectiveness of her approach — clients have not only realized elevated performance levels but have also secured promotions and substantial career and business successes.

— Kate's Testimonials —

“Kate is a warm and focused leader. As a coach she easily gets you focused and brings clarity to any dark areas. My session with her help me greatly to design a path of my desired outcome. And what’s more she went the extra mile to hold me accountable.”

Bisi A.

“Kate is a very consistent and accommodating leader, she is strong and inspiring. Anytime you desire authenticity in leadership, Kate is a perfect match.”

Simon K.

“Kate is an exceptional coach! I enrolled into her coaching program when I was at a crossroad in life. I was confused, knew I had to make a change but had no clue as to what direction to move towards. Three months under Kate's coaching program I could see clearly and by the end of the 6-months period, I had found my voice, discovered my authentic self and was ready to take on the world.

Thanks, Kate. My story could never be complete without you!”

Amarachi S.

“I have seen quite a few trainers in my life by virtue of my profession, but the one that does what she does with passion like Kate, I am yet to see. You look at Kate taking you through those modules one after the other and you tell yourself, this is truly part of this woman. I think for her, training is not one of the things she does, it is the only thing. A truly amazing coach!”

John K.
Naveed Asif

Naveed Asif

With a decade of experience in business coaching and personal development, Naveed has helped clients all over the world establish their business and grow their sales by mastering and applying his Archetypal Sales modality.

He has worked with entrepreneurs, coaches, real estate agents and network marketers to build successful 6- and 7-figure business empires in a matter of months.

— Naveed's Coaching Case Studies —

$12.4k sales day

“OK, so whatever you told me to do worked, today I closed the second apprentice (couple for stepfamily coaching) at $8K, renewed a current Bach flower client (she didn't even ask the price, it will $4.4K), had an inquiry about Santorini from a current Bach flower client (WTF), had 3 random new inquiries for dad work and just had a lapsed homeopathy client reach out after a year to start appointments again. This was a minimum $12.4K sale day even if nothing else pans out. This will be a 22.5K month.”

Tracy P.
$30,000 launch from nothing

We worked on creating an offer for Samantha D. and designed a strategy, a name, and the exact frequency of the offer. Through the energy mastery process & following the exact steps we had given her, she launched her offer and sold out completely, ending up with $30,000 in one week.

From being unclear about what she was even offering, to $50,850 booked and $17,153 in cash in two weeks.

Emmy W. worked with Naveed privately for a few weeks and the INSTANT change in Emmy's results was remarkable. She signs a $14,000 client instantly on an offer that previously wasn't selling no matter how hard she tried.

She launches her program, and finishes with $50,850 in total sales, and $17,135 in cash.

$5k sold "out of the blue"

“I closed a $5,000 real estate blueprint 'out of the blue' this week. I decided that's the minimum price and held Empress energy. I had a coffee 'get to know you' date with a developer here, and she asked me if l'd could help her with a new vision so I offered the blueprint session and she was like 'when can I do that? Where have you been all my life?' Fun!!!”

Shasta T.
$9k in sales closed in a week

When you strike the right tone, YOUR people can't help but buy from you.

Literally, one week after making changes to her offer and showing her precise sales moves to make, Tamara J. sold 2 people for a total of $9K. This was a collapse in time - Creating maximum results with the least effort.

$47k in sales in two weeks.

Naveed helped me to see clearly where I was holding myself back. As soon as I got out of my own way, I launched my new membership in 1 week + made $22k sales with it in 2 weeks. After averaging $12k per month for the previous 6 months. And sold 3 of my 1:1 packages in 1 week, with 2 Facebook posts.

In total, I made $47k sales, all within 2 weeks.

Eva L.
Arif Sharif

Arif Sharif

Arif is a director at Seed Mentors Entrepreneurs (Isle of Man) Limited, which he helped set up in 2019. Arif writes reports for the company, helps with marketing Seed Mentors’ services as well as provides mentoring services to a variety of individuals setting up businesses in the Isle of Man and the U.K.

Arif has over 30 years of work experience, including more than five years with an investment services company conducting economic, policy and equity research. The rest has been as a business journalist, working with top news organizations such as Bloomberg and Reuters. Arif has a master's degree in economics and is a candidate for the final Chartered Financial Analyst exam, the world's premier qualification for investment professionals.

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