Our Services

As a well-established company, we pride ourselves on the range of services that we offer to all of our customers that will help them to improve those areas where they are struggling with their business.

  • Student Introduction

    It is a well-known fact that UK universities heavily rely on international students and the revenue placement of such students brings. SME can facilitate the placement of international students into UK colleges.

    Our specialist team, with international knowledge and on-the-ground experience in targeted geographical social media marketing campaigns will be able to reach students from specified areas, showing them the benefits of your facilities and courses, and allowing you to benefit from their enrolment.

  • The SME Academy

    Do you want to provide education to budding entrepreneurs that really hits the mark with your students? Our Academy will allow you to do just that. Targeting some of the best international students, we will provide a full-service on-the-ground admissions process that will make the process of enrolment straightforward.

    With local teams handling applications, accommodation and other administration tasks, and a UK-based training provider ready to deliver an incredible standard of education, all you’ll need to do is sit back and enjoy the benefits.

  • Global Accountancy Services

    Investment in global goods and services is not without its paperwork, especially when it comes to accountancy practices. Your organisation cannot afford to take risks with your budget, and if the figures you see are inaccurate, or the proper methods are not taken to ensure financial compliance, your organisation could suffer.

    SME offer global accountancy services that allow you to increase compliance and reduce costs. Our in-house global accountants have area-specific knowledge and experience, so your accounts will always meet best-practice targets.

  • Property Investment Services

    Arranging domestic property, buy to let or commercial property transactions can be complex, especially where overseas properties are concerned. However, our team of experts, with local representation in the most important property areas globally, can take the pain out of property investment.

    Whether you’re in the UK seeking investment or looking to invest from overseas, our expert advisors can help to arrange the best deal for you. With access to many financial products, and the ability to market your properties to clients in the same area as your property, we offer a full-service or bespoke solution to all your overseas and UK property needs.

  • Start-Up Consultancy & Development

    Starting a business anywhere in the world can be a struggle. However, with our business sector specialists, no matter where in the world you’re looking to start-up, we can provide you with the information and tools to success.

    We can provide you with expert help from a specialist with first-hand experience in the business environment and local culture of your target market, giving your business the best chance of success. We can also help overseas company development. Wherever you are located, we’ll help you create a blueprint for success, with consideration of country-specific marketing techniques, financial requirements and so much more, giving you a competitive edge, even if this is your first business.

  • Business Development in Africa, India and the Middle East

    We can help promote and sell your products or services in Africa, India and the Middle East — high growth markets where we have excellent connections.

    If you are looking to expand into these markets please get in touch for a discussion on what opportunities we can make available.